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Best places to study at UniMelb

So you’ve finally decided to sit down and polish off those last couple hundred words of that essay you put off. Maybe you are cramming for that Mid-Semester Test tomorrow. Whatever it is that you need to do, make sure you use one of the better study spaces at UniMelb.

Top Levels Arts West

Being one of the newest buildings at UniMelb, Arts West boasts some quality architecture and tucked away study nooks suited to any study need. The top floor boasts some of the best views of Melbourne and it has a variety of spaces to study, with large collaborative and smaller single person tables. An added bonus is that you can head straight from class in Arts West to your favorite study spot.

MSD Building

It’s no wonder that this building is visually stunning. The design building boasts a large central open-plan space with desks and computers to study at. It is located opposite from Castro’s cafe, so it is ideal for when you get the mid-study munchies. Make sure you get in quick because the MSD fills up early.

Baillieu Library

What is more characteristic of a UniMelb Student than sitting until closing time in the Baillieu grinding out those last few paragraphs. For Arts students, the library is second to none and you can often get lost in the stacks of books. There is ample amount of study space and the library is located centrally on campus and is next to South Lawn.

UniMelb JD entrance requirements

The Law Entrance Exam (LSAT) is one of the hardest exams for entry into a post-graduate degree at Melbourne University.

It can be pretty hard to find any official requirements to gain access to the UniMelb Juris Doctor Course. After trawling through hundreds of posts on forums and talking to friends who have been admitted I can give you and idea on what score to aim for to get into the JD.

The Entry Requirements Change

Something to be aware of is that the entrance requirements change depending on the cohort applying. One year the minimum considered entrance might be an LSAT score in the top 25th percentile and the next year a score in the top 20th percentile, and the same applies for Weighted Average Marks (WAM)

LSAT Scores

There are three main types of entry into the UniMelb JD program. These are Full Fee Place, Bursary and Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). As you would expect, you need a higher LSAT score to be considered for a position where you are financially supported.

On their website, UniMelb advise that a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of over 80 (H1) will mean applicants ‘have a very strong chance of being admitted’, and that a WAM over 70 (H2A) will mean applicants will be ‘competitive in the JD selection process’. They also advise that applicants with a WAM under 70 may be competitive if they have been affected by other circumstances or score very well on their LSAT.

I see entrance into the JD program as a sliding scale. The lower your WAM gets, the higher your LSAT score needs to be to compensate. On their same website, UniMelb advises that applicants aim for a score in the top 25th percentile. This translates to roughly an LSAT score of 158-159, however this can change depending on the year.

As far as I can tell, a score in the LSAT over 165 and a half decent WAM will put you in a pretty good place to get a CSP. Similarly, an LSAT score over 160 will put you in a good place to be offered a bursary as long as your WAM is more towards 80 rather than 70. In some cases, and depending on the year this may even put you in place to be offered a CSP.

It seems to be as long as your WAM is over 70 and you score 160+ on the LSAT that you put yourself in an ideal position to be offered a full fee place and depending on the year even a bursary or a CSP.

Best COVID recipes for University students

With the Coronavirus running rampant through our beloved Victorian suburbs, it can be easy to miss the amazing options that we have for eating out, whether this be at fancy restaurants or your favourite grab-and-go eatery. Here is my list of easy-to-make recipes that can give you a small reminder of the food that we are all missing out on. So, whether you are a university student or not, here are my best COVID era recipes for university students!


Pesto Risotto

So, I had never made this until isolation, and let me tell you it is now my favourite recipe. It is extremely easy to cook and almost foolproof as I’m not an amazing cook myself. This risotto is creamy, tasty, and easy to eat. The broccoli gives it a healthy amount of crunch and the pancetta adds a bit of salt to compliment the cheese. We usually double or triple the recipes and eat the leftovers for days. So, enjoy!

Here is the taste.com.au recipe for pesto risotto!

Japanese Salmon Curry Noodle Soup

Japanese salmon curry noodle soup
Copyright: Taste.com.au

This dish is delicious! We had it recently and found it to be a really easy meal to cook. It was filling, healthy and left us with a warm feeling in our bellies. Definitely a big recommendation especially if you are a fan of Japanese food. I would suggest getting good quality salmon as this enhances the meal.

Here is the taste.com.au recipe for Japanese Salmon Curry Noodle Soup!

Chicken, Corn and Noodle Soup

For soup lovers this is an easy and tasty meal which doesn’t take long to cook. The sesame oil provides a unique flavour that is complimented by the rest of the flavours in the broth. If you enjoy leftovers then this is a great recipe to double or triple. Also as a tip I would recommend having some crusty fresh bread to dip in the broth!

Chicken, corn and noodle soup
Copyright: Taste.com.au

Here is the recipe for taste.com.au Chicken, corn and noodle soup!


Well, not much needs to be said! Add whatever you want to pizzas to make your ultimate meal. If you’re like me and you don’t want to make pizza dough, then grab the shelf fresh ones from the supermarket and get creating.

Pad See Ew

This easy to make stir-fry is a gem to cook and clean-up, and it goes down a treat. Super easy to cook and requires a minimum amount of sauces. I find that it needs a bit of extra sauce but that might just be me. Super easy and super healthy so a sure fire way to get a good meal into your system!

Pad see ew
Copyright: Taste.com.au

Here is the recipe for taste.com.au Pad See Ew!

San Choy Bau

Another classic and easy to cook recipe. This is filling, healthy and easy to cook after a long day at uni or work. Make sure you get Iceberg Lettuce as I find this is the best lettuce to use for San Choy Bau.

Here is the recipe for taste.com.au San Choy Bau!


Rice paper rolls

This is an absolute staple for lunches and is super easy to make and cook! All you need is a set of rice paper roll wrappers and a bowl of water to get started. From there add whatever you want! If you are feeling healthy then go for the salad and chicken option and experiment with different sauces.


Breakfast Wraps

So, cook up bacon and eggs as normal and fry the wraps in the bacon fat left over in the pan to get them crispy. Add some relish and there you have a delicious breakfast meal!

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of the best COVID era recipes for University students! Until next time Movers!

Now that you are full go enjoy my hidden spots to exercise in Melbourne!

Best pubs near UniMelb for the money starved student

Going for a casual beer or drink after class is a past-time for University students. Fortunately for us UniMelb students, there is an abundance of watering holes located nearby and around Melbourne University. These pubs range from laid back staples such as the Clyde Hotel to more upbeat pubs such as the Shaw Davey Slum. So, dig and enjoy my list of the best pubs near UniMelb!

The Clyde Hotel

This beauty of a pub is located on the corner of Cardigan St and Elgin St and boasts a rooftop garden and cozy seating spaces downstairs. The bar serves a mix of beers that include the usual must-haves and the occasional craft ale. Happy hour prices are an absolute dime for the money starved UniMelb student. These consist of $8.50 pints of Furphy and $5.50 glasses of House white or red from 4-6 pm every day. Their menu also boasts reasonable prices for an inner-city pub and the Wedges and Parmagiana’s are fantastic with a beer after a long day of class. The roof also has heaters so it is absolutely fantastic for those cold winter nights as well. The only downside is that the Clyde doesn’t have a uni night but is fantastic for a laid back drink nonetheless.

For more information click here!

Copyright: The Clyde Hotel

The Prince Alfred Hotel (PA’s)

This modern hotel boasts a big uni night on a Wednesday and is a staple for the residential college students. This pub boasts an upstairs and downstairs bar, a well stocked menu and an outside smokers area that has access to the bar. Wednesday night sees the pub overwhelmed with university students who seek to have a night off uni work. The DJ can be found blasting a mix of tunes that is sure to get you moving and the small dance space is usually packed. The toilets can be a bit feral but all around a pretty good place on a Wednesday night and for the rest of the week in general.

For more information click here!

Copyright: Prince Alfred Hotel

The Shaw Davey (Slums)

This funky retro style pub boasts some of the cheapest drink prices nearby to uni. Between its pool table downstairs and its open rooftop upstairs this is a fantastic place to grab a few drinks after uni, or after work with some mates. The weekly uni night kicks off with a bang on Wednesday and Slums is certainly the place to be. The music is a mix of 2000’s hits intermixed with some more modern EDM tunes. Definitely a massive recommendation for either a casual drink or a Wednesday night boogie. For me this is definitely one of the best pubs near UniMelb!

For more information click here!

Copyright: The Shaw Davey Facebook

The Provincial

A busy pub most nights! This pub has one of the best rooftop bar areas I have ever seen and is an awesome place to go to for a casual drink with friends. This pub is also large and can accommodate a big group of people. This extra space is perfect for birthdays or large gatherings of friends. Upstairs is also host to an array of sporting events on the big screen and it is the place to watch the footy!

For more information click here!

Copyright: The Provincial Hotel

Rooftop Bar

This bar is a bit further away from the usual pubs that I frequent yet it is still a bar that I recommend to all my friends. Rooftop Bar is located in the city at Curtin House on Swanston St and is easily accessed by trams from UniMelb. It has an aesthetic bar scene and has an outdoor cinema. It also serves a mix of beers that vary from your classic staples to the more out there and unique brews. Definitely the place that I would recommend heading to if you are ever in the city with your mates.

For more information about Rooftop Bar click here!

For more information about Curtin House click here!

Copyright: Curtin House

So here it is! The best pubs near UniMelb. So get out, grab some mates and enjoy a relaxed drink together. As always, drink responsibly and enjoy your time as a Millennial Mover. Until next time…

Click here for WAM booster subjects at UniMelb!

The University of Melbourne

WAM Boosters for the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne, Australia - Australia's best ...
Copyright: The University of Melbourne

With the difficulties that face so many UniMelb students, especially during this current era of online University here are my WAM boosters for the University of Melbourne. Most of these are Level 1 subjects (First year subjects), however this list contains a mix of Level 1, 2, and 3 subjects. For those of you who don’t know a WAM booster is any subject that you find boosts your WAM with limited hard work when compared to your normal degree. So, take a look and peruse the links attached and share to all those who need this list!

Level 1:

Famine: The Geography of Scarcity (GEOG10001)

For more information for GEOG10001 in the University of Melbourne handbook!

Sports Coaching: Theory and Practice (EDUC10051)

Find more information for EDUC10051 in the University of Melbourne handbook!

Principles of Business Law (BLAW10001)

Find more information for BLAW10001 in the University of Melbourne handbook!

Food for a Healthy Planet (UNIB10009)

Find more information for UNIB10009 in the University of Melbourne handbook!

Drawing, Painting and Sensory Knowing (EDUC10054)

Find more information for EDUC10054 in the University of Melbourne handbook!

Level 2:

Australia in the Wine World (AGRI20030)

Note: Dookie Campus

Find more information for AGRI20030 in the University of Melbourne handbook!

Food For a Healthy Planet II (UNIB20014)

Find more information for UNIB20014 in the University of Melbourne handbook!

Level 3:

Food for a Healthy Planet III (UNIB30010)

Find more information for UNIB30010 in the University of Melbourne handbook!

So that is that for my list of WAM boosters for the University of Melbourne! I hope you have all enjoyed this list! Please comment any suggestions so that this list can be updated. Until next time Movers…

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