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An interview with Pollyman

Pollyman | triple j Unearthed
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There are a few ways that you can spot an old soul. George Carroll Wilson is certainly one. His taste in classic rock and charming personality are just a few of the things that prove this guy has something special. George is the frontman of Pollyman, a Melbourne based rock band. Sweet tunes like “Quokka” and “Japanese Rock and Roll” are just two of the many rockin’ songs off their latest release. The trio originated in Victoria a year ago and came out with their debut album, the self-titled Pollyman. George sings and plays all instruments on the record, but he is skillfully accompanied by brother Fenn Wilson on drums and Alister Hull on Bass, who perform with him live. Inspired by glam rock and music from the late 1960s and early 1970s, you are guaranteed to blast these blokes’ jams in the car or headphones anytime. 

Melbourne is where George and Fenn were born, but the pair were raised in the small beach town of Clifton Springs. Their next stop would be back to their native Melbourne, arguably the best city in Australia. Alister Hull (pretty cool name I must mention, might become a future tattoo) is from Bourke in New South Wales. Alister met George when George was on the road with his mum’s band at age nine. 

Although Pollyman have been making a name for themselves in Melbourne’s various pubs and clubs, this is not George’s first band. In year 7, he formed the Tiny Giants with a couple of coastal pals named Jasper and Etienne, at first playing rock covers of bands like Jet before writing and performing original psychedelic rock and pop. They were active from 2011 until 2018, and it was around 2015 that George started writing and performing his own songs solo. After a brief band experiment in 2016, George’s last year of high school, he remained solo until late 2017, when his brother Fenn joined him on drums. About a year later, after many gigs and the recording of George’s debut album, George and Alister reconnected at a show in Melbourne, and Alister was quickly made the new bassist of Pollyman.

When asked, how does it feel to have Pollyman’s debut album out? George replied, “it felt great. I recorded the album when the band was still only me and my brother…I’d been recording demos the whole time.” George recorded four tracks on tape machines in rounds of two weeks at a time. Yes, tape. It’s making a comeback in Melbourne’s music scene. George is particularly a fan since it “has a warmth and unique clarity.”

Fret about it as much as you like but at the end of the day if you think it’s good and honest, then that’s good enough.

George’s advice to new artists and songwriters is pretty straightforward. He suggests that you can “fret about it as much as you like but at the end of the day if you think it’s good and honest, then that’s good enough. Don’t worry about doing things to please people. Be yourself when you’re performing and writing. Just keep trying and it will all be okay.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. 

The old soul also released some pretty groovy music videos for the songs “Japanese Rock and Roll” and “Inhibitions” with his co-director Willem Kingma. Channeling Bowie and Jagger, “Japanese Rock and Roll” looks like an ode to glam rock and the Japanese flag. Something you wish you saw on Top of the Pops in England on the telly. “Inhibitions” looks like Wes Anderson finally started to listen to cool music and made a video for it. Filmed at significant locations to the artist’s past, this video is a great way to take a flashback into the band’s memories. 

Keep a lookout for their new single called “Dyin’ Alone,” a funky political song on Bonsai Records which will be out sometime in the near future. 

For fans of  Blur, Teenage Fanclub, Jeff Buckley, Small Faces, The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Big Star, Raspberries and Cheap Trick: check out Pollyman on all streaming platforms now!

By Nichole Heller

What no-one tells you about a COVID test

COVID tests can be a scary thing these days. We hear so many opinions about them from friends and family.

It isn’t until we take the test ourselves that we know what it is really like.

Recently, I wrote about what a COVID test really feels like and I hope that within this current article you find that a COVID test is far more accessible and affordable than many people thought. Yet the most important thing that no-one tells you about a COVID test is how hard the nurses and doctors, and all people involved on the front line work to keep us safe.

The probe goes further up your nose than anything ever will

The medical professional who did it for us was very competent at what she did and warned us early on not to flinch, which proved to be quite hard once you had a probe seemingly tickling your brain. The process is in fact relatively painless but still extremely uncomfortable. I think that having anything poking around where nothing else has been will always be a weird experience. Once the first nostril is completed the second one goes by relatively painlessly, which was a massive relief.

The medical professionals work harder than you might expect

The lady who gave us a test was from Ireland and informed us that earlier that day a woman had found the COVID test uncomfortable and gone about abusing her. It really struck home that these nurses and doctors are working in a dangerous environment for hours on end dealing with people who are often unthankful and disrespectful. As Millennials it is our responsibility to make the staff feel thanked and respected. At the end of the day, these men and women are the front line in the fight against COVID.

Doctors, nurses call for safety to be protected on the coronavirus ...
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It’s free

I wasn’t necessarily aware of the situation around COVID tests and money. And it was to my surprise that at the MSAC testing site it was free to get a test. This is a massive help for University students and makes testing an even more achievable test if you have even the slightest COVID symptoms.

A car was extremely convenient

The drive through testing clinic made getting a COVID test extremely convenient. We waited for about an hour and a half for the test. This was made extremely easy by being able to wait and queue in our car. I recommend taking a book or a laptop and watching a movie as you sit and wait for the traffic to move.

Coronavirus updates Australia: Largest single-day jump in COVID-19 ...
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With everything going on around Victoria there is even less reason to get tested when you display COVID symptoms. I hope that you have learnt a bit from my experience of what no-one tells you about a COVID test. My experience in general was really positive. This, in part is because COVID tests are made as accessible and affordable as possible for the average Victorian. As always, stay safe and take care. Until next time Movers…

What a COVID test really feels like

COVID tests seem to have many mixed reviews… I have heard from friends that it feels like your brain is being scraped out by a long stick and, similarly, friends have also told me that it doesn’t hurt at all. So what should we believe? How should we feel after hearing these views on COVID tests? If we display symptoms, should getting a test be something scary or something that shouldn’t be stressed over? Well let me tell you about my experience of what a COVID test really feels like…

Coronavirus: Melbourne launches new COVID-19 test amid fears of ...
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There are two parts to a COVID test

My experience of a COVID test was made up of two parts. This was the throat swab and the nose swab. The throat swab consisted of the back of my throat being swabbed as I said ‘ahhhhh’, and similarly, the nose swab consisted of both of my nostrils being tested with the same swab that was used on my throat. I’ll detail my experience of both below.

The mouth swab

For me, this was the easiest part of the COVID test. It is reminiscent of the doctors’ wooden paddle when you get a check-up. All it involves is for you to open your mouth and make an ‘ahhhh’ sound as the nurse or doctor swabs the back of your throat. It does tickle and feel slightly uncomfortable but isn’t anything to be worried about. It can trigger your gag reflex so be aware of that.

The nose swabs

These were the most uncomfortable and least enjoyable part of the COVID test. The swab which had just been used on your throat is now turned vertical and you are instructed by the nurse or doctor not to flinch. For me, the nurse was very professional and quickly administered the test. The probe goes into your nose and proceeds past the narrow tickly part and enters what felt like a really tender spot. When the probe is here it is moved around so as to gather up all the biological matter needed to realise either a positive or negative test. After the test is done it feels almost as if where the probe had been has become acidic. This test really wasn’t very enjoyable and felt very uncomfortable for the following hours.

Some other advice…

Take some tissues!

So after the test which swabbed the inside of the nose, we both had reflex reactions and started tearing up. We made a mad scramble to look for some tissues and, thankfully not long after our test as our noses started running we had tissues on hand. So long story short, please remember to take tissues as the COVID test is made even more uncomfortable if you have nothing to wipe your eyes and nose with!

Coronavirus cases revealed in Victorian paramedic and cluster of ...
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Wear a mask

As with everything that we undertake these days, please wear a mask to the testing location. From here the doctor or nurse can direct you to remove your mask during the test as they see fit.

So here you have it! This is my view of what a COVID test really feels like. Please stay safe and if you feel sick go get tested at one of the Victorian COVID testing sites!

Until next time Movers…

Best pubs near UniMelb for the money starved student

Going for a casual beer or drink after class is a past-time for University students. Fortunately for us UniMelb students, there is an abundance of watering holes located nearby and around Melbourne University. These pubs range from laid back staples such as the Clyde Hotel to more upbeat pubs such as the Shaw Davey Slum. So, dig and enjoy my list of the best pubs near UniMelb!

The Clyde Hotel

This beauty of a pub is located on the corner of Cardigan St and Elgin St and boasts a rooftop garden and cozy seating spaces downstairs. The bar serves a mix of beers that include the usual must-haves and the occasional craft ale. Happy hour prices are an absolute dime for the money starved UniMelb student. These consist of $8.50 pints of Furphy and $5.50 glasses of House white or red from 4-6 pm every day. Their menu also boasts reasonable prices for an inner-city pub and the Wedges and Parmagiana’s are fantastic with a beer after a long day of class. The roof also has heaters so it is absolutely fantastic for those cold winter nights as well. The only downside is that the Clyde doesn’t have a uni night but is fantastic for a laid back drink nonetheless.

For more information click here!

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The Prince Alfred Hotel (PA’s)

This modern hotel boasts a big uni night on a Wednesday and is a staple for the residential college students. This pub boasts an upstairs and downstairs bar, a well stocked menu and an outside smokers area that has access to the bar. Wednesday night sees the pub overwhelmed with university students who seek to have a night off uni work. The DJ can be found blasting a mix of tunes that is sure to get you moving and the small dance space is usually packed. The toilets can be a bit feral but all around a pretty good place on a Wednesday night and for the rest of the week in general.

For more information click here!

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The Shaw Davey (Slums)

This funky retro style pub boasts some of the cheapest drink prices nearby to uni. Between its pool table downstairs and its open rooftop upstairs this is a fantastic place to grab a few drinks after uni, or after work with some mates. The weekly uni night kicks off with a bang on Wednesday and Slums is certainly the place to be. The music is a mix of 2000’s hits intermixed with some more modern EDM tunes. Definitely a massive recommendation for either a casual drink or a Wednesday night boogie. For me this is definitely one of the best pubs near UniMelb!

For more information click here!

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The Provincial

A busy pub most nights! This pub has one of the best rooftop bar areas I have ever seen and is an awesome place to go to for a casual drink with friends. This pub is also large and can accommodate a big group of people. This extra space is perfect for birthdays or large gatherings of friends. Upstairs is also host to an array of sporting events on the big screen and it is the place to watch the footy!

For more information click here!

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Rooftop Bar

This bar is a bit further away from the usual pubs that I frequent yet it is still a bar that I recommend to all my friends. Rooftop Bar is located in the city at Curtin House on Swanston St and is easily accessed by trams from UniMelb. It has an aesthetic bar scene and has an outdoor cinema. It also serves a mix of beers that vary from your classic staples to the more out there and unique brews. Definitely the place that I would recommend heading to if you are ever in the city with your mates.

For more information about Rooftop Bar click here!

For more information about Curtin House click here!

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So here it is! The best pubs near UniMelb. So get out, grab some mates and enjoy a relaxed drink together. As always, drink responsibly and enjoy your time as a Millennial Mover. Until next time…

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Hidden spots to exercise in Melbourne

With the Coronavirus gripping our communities it can be hard to find places to exercise in and around Melbourne. Below is my list of hidden spots to exercise in Melbourne. Now more than ever it is important that we all find time to exercise. Please make sure that you stick to the restrictions in place currently. Stay safe and enjoy my list of hidden spots to exercise in Melbourne which range from walks along the river to strolls through vast ovals.

Fairview Park

This is one of my favourite spots to take my dogs. This park has hills, an oval and access to the Yarra River for the dogs to cool off. It also has a playground, public toilets and a barbecue. This park is located in the Inner Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn.

Pros: Off leash dog area

Cons: Limited parking

Yarra Bend

This park is amazing! It is filled with all manner of things to do and counts as one of Melbourne’s largest natural bushland reserves. I would definitely recommend going for a walk or taking a bike ride through here. There are sports fields to have a kick of the footy and a lovely walk to Dights Falls.

Pros: Has plenty of different activities

Cons: None that I can think of to be honest!

Find out more information here!

Victoria Gardens

This beautiful park is definitely the place to be. The small oval is surrounded by tall trees that catch and reflect the light when it is sunny. The park is also off-leash and has a walking path around the outside.

Pros: Very picturesque

Cons: A bit small for dogs

The Tan/Royal Botanic Gardens

Whilst this is a very popular park and not that well hidden it does host a lot of amazing walking trails. For the avid runner, the tan track serves as the Melbourne staple for running and a quick google search will tell you some times to compare yourself to. For those enjoying a more relaxed stroll, the walk throughout the gardens are spectacular and allow you to lose yourself in the splendour that is the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Pros: Visually stunning and a must do in Melbourne

Cons: Might become busy

Find out more information here!

Anniversary Trail/Outer Circle Rail Trail

The trail meanders through suburbs ranging from Kew to Hughesdale. This is a great trail to enjoy on a relaxed bike ride or a long walk and is easily accessible from a range of suburbs.

Pros: Easily accessible

Cons: Multiple modes of transport share the same path.

St Kilda Beach

Another place to exercise that isn’t exactly a hidden gem. St Kilda beach serves as a Melbourne exercise staple and is definitely a place that you should look to exercise! Enjoy the fresh sea breeze as you enjoy a run or take a walk and take in the beautiful views that adorn this stretch of the bay.

Pros: Honestly, that fresh sea air is amazing

Cons: Gets pretty busy

Albert Park

Well known for the Australian GP, this artificial lake boasts on and off-leash dog areas, sports facilities and is located approximately 3 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD. The track around the edge of the lake allows for running, walking or cycling and allows you take in both the beauty of the lake and the views of the city.

Pros: Great views of the city and close by

Cons: Can get very windy

Find out more information here!

Caulfield Park

This sprawling park is perfect for you to go for a run or exercise! It has large off-leash dog areas, multiple places to play basketball, a tennis wall and facilities for barbecues. It also has a stunning pond section which you can enjoy leisurely walks on.

Pros: Has a variety of exercise options

Cons: The ovals are mostly all being used on the weekend for sport

Fawkner Park

This sprawling park is perfect for a walk and is located nearby to Melbourne CBD. It maintains well kept walking paths and plenty of large ovals. On some certain days you may be treated to university teams playing Quidditch (from Harry Potter).

Pros: Close to the city

Cons: Limited parking available

Yarra River Trail

This trail runs from the city to the suburbs and offers spectacular views of the city. I recommend going for a bike ride along this trail as it makes for an easy and relaxing ride. If you choose to run or walk be aware that bikes move along the trail very quickly. Specifically, on your approach to the city there are some amazing views offered especially from the Southern bank.

Pros: Pretty flat gradient, great views of the city

Cons: Bikes zooming past

All in all, with these restrictions in place, it is so important that we all make time to exercise. I hope that this list of hidden spots to exercise in Melbourne may help you find that little spot to take some time out for yourself whether this be on a walk, run or a bike ride. As always, please pay attention to local restrictions and stay safe. Until next time movers…

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