August 3, 2020

Copyright: Anna Hay

1. Hello! What’s your name? Introduce yourself!

                        Hey! I’m Essie Holt and I make indie-pop music. I’m currently living in Syd, but originally from Melbs. 

2. The pandemic has been pretty crazy? Where are you now and what have you been up to lately?

I’ve been isolating in my Sydney home with my girlfriend and housemate. We made a little studio in the attic so I’ve been spending a lot of time up there writing some new music

3. How has the pandemic shifted your creative process? Have you been writing differently lately? Communicating with your collaborators and fans in any new ways?

I think it took me a while to start to be creative again. Covid hit just as I put my EP out, and I needed a little writing break during this time. But now I’m back and loving playing around with production myself. I think I’m writing my best work right now

4. Your latest release Silent Wars is incredible! The EP was released in April. Tell me more about it! What inspired you to title the EP and the opening song, what’s the overall backstory?

Oh thank you. I wrote the EP last year and it was a huge year for me – I came out, ended a long term relationship, moved to Sydney. Gained a lot of friends, lost a lot of friends. It was a pretty crazy time and the EP goes into all of it. 

5. The style and sounds created in your music is super refreshing and peaceful. My favorites on the EP are “Lover X Liar” and “When We Dream.” What/who are your greatest musical influences? 

I love that you love those songs, as they’re my current faves too! Right now I’m listening to a lot of Sylvan Esso, Chairlift, Caroline Polachek. But growing up I loved Missy Higgins SO much. And Megan Washington has also been huge for me over the last decade or so. 

6. So much is changing lately! What do you miss most? Do you have any favorite live shows from the past?I was just starting to get to play my first festivals towards the end of last year, which was so fun. I’m super keen to tour my EP also – hopefully towards the end of the year! I’ve seen so many amazing live shows over the last few years, but Feist was a huge highlight!

7. What would you like to see change about the music industry?I think just a little more education around how things work. As artists we’re super creative and sometimes it’s tricky to get a grasp on the business side of things, especially when you’re starting out and don’t have a huge team behind you. But there’s so many amazing people out there who are just a coffee away when there’s grey areas.

8. What is your advice to aspiring creatives? What do you wish you would’ve known during the creation of the last EP?I think just do things at your own pace, money wise. It’s easy to spend a tonne of money on music, but at the end of the day if you’re writing good music and finding a way to connect organically with an audience, that’s gonna make the biggest impact. 

9. Any other fun stories or things you’d like to talk about? Surely, there’s a funny story that the world must know.Ok so I’ve recently moved house, and there’s this HUGE dog that lives on my street. I’m talking massive, like the biggest dog I’ve ever seen kinda vibe. Anyway, the other day I was sitting at a cafe and this dog literally STEPPED on a chihuahua. It held it under its paw for a few seconds and then walked off. The chihuahua was fine, but my god I’ve never seen a dog this big in my life. The whole street talks about it! 

Check out Essie’s latest release with HANDSOME, “The Walker” here:

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