With the Coronavirus gripping our communities it can be hard to find places to exercise in and around Melbourne. Below is my list of hidden spots to exercise in Melbourne. Now more than ever it is important that we all find time to exercise. Please make sure that you stick to the restrictions in place currently. Stay safe and enjoy my list of hidden spots to exercise in Melbourne which range from walks along the river to strolls through vast ovals.

Fairview Park

This is one of my favourite spots to take my dogs. This park has hills, an oval and access to the Yarra River for the dogs to cool off. It also has a playground, public toilets and a barbecue. This park is located in the Inner Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn.

Pros: Off leash dog area

Cons: Limited parking

Yarra Bend

This park is amazing! It is filled with all manner of things to do and counts as one of Melbourne’s largest natural bushland reserves. I would definitely recommend going for a walk or taking a bike ride through here. There are sports fields to have a kick of the footy and a lovely walk to Dights Falls.

Pros: Has plenty of different activities

Cons: None that I can think of to be honest!

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Victoria Gardens

This beautiful park is definitely the place to be. The small oval is surrounded by tall trees that catch and reflect the light when it is sunny. The park is also off-leash and has a walking path around the outside.

Pros: Very picturesque

Cons: A bit small for dogs

The Tan/Royal Botanic Gardens

Whilst this is a very popular park and not that well hidden it does host a lot of amazing walking trails. For the avid runner, the tan track serves as the Melbourne staple for running and a quick google search will tell you some times to compare yourself to. For those enjoying a more relaxed stroll, the walk throughout the gardens are spectacular and allow you to lose yourself in the splendour that is the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Pros: Visually stunning and a must do in Melbourne

Cons: Might become busy

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Anniversary Trail/Outer Circle Rail Trail

The trail meanders through suburbs ranging from Kew to Hughesdale. This is a great trail to enjoy on a relaxed bike ride or a long walk and is easily accessible from a range of suburbs.

Pros: Easily accessible

Cons: Multiple modes of transport share the same path.

St Kilda Beach

Another place to exercise that isn’t exactly a hidden gem. St Kilda beach serves as a Melbourne exercise staple and is definitely a place that you should look to exercise! Enjoy the fresh sea breeze as you enjoy a run or take a walk and take in the beautiful views that adorn this stretch of the bay.

Pros: Honestly, that fresh sea air is amazing

Cons: Gets pretty busy

Albert Park

Well known for the Australian GP, this artificial lake boasts on and off-leash dog areas, sports facilities and is located approximately 3 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD. The track around the edge of the lake allows for running, walking or cycling and allows you take in both the beauty of the lake and the views of the city.

Pros: Great views of the city and close by

Cons: Can get very windy

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Caulfield Park

This sprawling park is perfect for you to go for a run or exercise! It has large off-leash dog areas, multiple places to play basketball, a tennis wall and facilities for barbecues. It also has a stunning pond section which you can enjoy leisurely walks on.

Pros: Has a variety of exercise options

Cons: The ovals are mostly all being used on the weekend for sport

Fawkner Park

This sprawling park is perfect for a walk and is located nearby to Melbourne CBD. It maintains well kept walking paths and plenty of large ovals. On some certain days you may be treated to university teams playing Quidditch (from Harry Potter).

Pros: Close to the city

Cons: Limited parking available

Yarra River Trail

This trail runs from the city to the suburbs and offers spectacular views of the city. I recommend going for a bike ride along this trail as it makes for an easy and relaxing ride. If you choose to run or walk be aware that bikes move along the trail very quickly. Specifically, on your approach to the city there are some amazing views offered especially from the Southern bank.

Pros: Pretty flat gradient, great views of the city

Cons: Bikes zooming past

All in all, with these restrictions in place, it is so important that we all make time to exercise. I hope that this list of hidden spots to exercise in Melbourne may help you find that little spot to take some time out for yourself whether this be on a walk, run or a bike ride. As always, please pay attention to local restrictions and stay safe. Until next time movers…

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